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Per month we can sell 20000pcs around ,from different country clients has his own require ,we can supply OEM service and color box accordingly. Pls tell us your requirements,we will reply you soon .

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The product consists of four major modules:
1. Electric quantity measurement module
2. Control and communication module
3. Circuit breaker module
4. Leakage protection module

Product Overview 

The product is a multi-functional intelligent switch of the Internet of things that integrates electric quantity measurement, overload, short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage, power leakage, overtemperature protection, remote switching and network communication functions. And the data can be set freely, with hd LCD display current product status.The product can be widely used in commercial, agricultural water conservancy, fire data collection, schools, hospitals, rental apartments and other intelligent electricity management places; It can also be widely used in industry, especially plant equipment energy management. The product can monitor and detect the user load power consumption in real time, under abnormal circumstances, can quickly and automatically cut off the power supply or remote alarm, to protect personal and property safety. The product can execute the break charge mode, and can transmit data and execute relevant instructions through the encrypted forms of GPRS, RJ45, WIFI and RS485.The network version of the product’s switch operation and data can be permanently saved, and you can check the past usage at any time. The product can be arbitrarily set over current, voltage, leakage current protection value, can better protect the load side equipment circuit, to achieve a multi-purpose machine without replacing the equipment. The product can be arbitrarily set to self-test time of the product to ensure that the product is always in normal working condition. The product is also free to set the working time period freely.

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